Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

Dear God

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a lonely road, crossed another cold state line
miles away from those i love purpose hard 2 find
while i recall all the words u spoke 2 me
can’t help but wish that i was there
back where i’d love 2 be, o yeah...

dear god....
the only thing i ask of you is,,
2 hold him when i’m not around
when i’m much too far away
we all need that person who can b true 2 u
but i left him when i found him
n now i wish i’d stayed
coz i’m lonely n i’m tired
i’m missing u again, oh no....
once again...

there’s nothing here 4 me on this barren road
there’s no 1 here while d city sleeps
n all the shops r closed
can’t help but think of the times i’ve had with u
pictures n some memories will have 2 help me through..

some search, never finding a way
b4 long, they waste away
i found u, something told me 2 stay
i gave in, 2 selfish ways
n how i miss some_1 2 hold
when hope begins 2 fade…

By: A7X

karena aku yang nyanyi, jadi kata2 her tak ganti him... hik7x.. ada yang tau kord gitarnya?? sayang banged yah drummer A7X uda tutup usia, padahal masih muda dan termasuk drummer terbaik di dunia.. pokoknya lagu ini top banged dah, cool B-)

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